Operation Spearhead


In August 2006, VFW POST 9851 started Operation Spearhead to support the families of our local heroes who were called to serve in the War on Terrorism. Our program continues as young men and women continue to volunteer, and we honor their sacrifice.


VFW Post 9851 understands the sacrifices of those serving in the armed forces, and we know the hardship imposed on the families. We are the leading organization of Combat Veterans. We know the difficulties because we’ve been there! We offer support and valuable assistance by involving the community and businesses around Hendersonville, TN, to find a way when others fail. Our Spearhead Wall Of Honor and other tributes are displayed prominently throughout our facilities as reminders for all to see.


The VFW’s motto is: “Honoring the Dead by Serving the Living.” Operation Spearhead embraces “Serving the Living”. There are no fees or dues to be part of Spearhead. Spearhead families are given an Operation Spearhead ID and can receive email updates about News and Events at the Post.


A special activity for Spearhead members under the direction of the Post Officers involves the Post Booster Club, local businesses, civic clubs, Chamber of Commerce, the City of Hendersonville, and private citizens. These groups accept donations of needed and useful items and make special packages-from-home, which are always a welcome surprise. Additionally, we support struggling families with programs like the Veterans Food Pantry.


Although initiated during the War on Terrorism, Operation Spearhead is the Post Officers’ intent to continue this service indefinitely, regardless of future conflict status. We seek our community’s continued support. If you know of a local family with a relative serving on active duty anywhere, we ask you to please have them complete our Spearhead form (click here) and submit it to us by Email, U.S. mail, or call the Post. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

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